Welcome to Disillusioned: The Earth's Fortuneteller, an innovative project at the intersection of technology, climate awareness, and media design.
Disillusioned is not just another virtual entity—it's the Earth's digital oracle, designed to unveil the myriad potential climate futures that lie ahead. Powered by a state-of-the-art GPT-2 Text-Generating Model, Disillusioned serves as a wake-up call in a world where the consequences of our actions on the environment are increasingly dire.
Our mission is clear: to use immersive experiences and interactive narratives to empower students, professors, and visitors with the knowledge and awareness necessary to confront the climate crisis head-on. Through chapters dedicated to the sky, the flowers, the coral reefs, and beyond, Disillusioned paints a vivid picture of the possible outcomes of our choices.
But Disillusioned is more than just a bearer of bad news—it's a catalyst for change. By highlighting shocking statistics and engaging in thought-provoking interviews, Disillusioned prompts us to question our relationship with the planet and inspires us to take action.
Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the intricate web of factors shaping our planet's destiny. Together, we can heed the warnings of Disillusioned and forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow.

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