I played a key role in the creation of engaging animations to promote the collaboration campaign between Viktor & Rolf and Waterdrop® across various formats and social media channels.
Drawing inspiration from the glamorous designs by Viktor & Rolf, Waterdrop® team crafted designs that highlighted the beauty and uniqueness of the collaboration while at the same time capturing the essence of each design, infusing elements of flair and sophistication into the visuals
Using robust borosilicate glass as a central theme, animations showcased the elegance and durability of the bottles while emphasizing their practicality for hydration on the go. Through dynamic motion graphics and captivating imagery, Waterdrop® conveyed the message that staying hydrated can be both stylish and effortless.
Collaborating closely with the design and marketing team, I ensured that the animations were tailored to suit the requirements of various social media channels and formats. Our goal was to to captivate the audience's attention and generate excitement for the collaboration.
By leveraging engaging animations, we effectively promoted the Viktor & Rolf Waterdrop collaboration campaign, enticing consumers with the promise of beauty, style, and hydration in every drop.
Copyright: waterdrop ®

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